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Skeet Shooting

Skeet Shooting

Invented in the 1920s, skeet shooting is designed to keep your aim sharp regardless of the season.  It is an ideal game for the veteran hunter looking to practice or a novice just trying to learn the basics.

At Buck Ridge Plantation, we have one of the finest regulation trap and skeet ranges in South Carolina.  Invite your colleagues and friends out for a round and engage in friendly competition as part of your experience here.

Guests have the opportunity to test their marksmanship in a variety of formats with this challenging, fast-paced shooting sport.  

Choose from:

  • Trap Shooting
    Five shooting stations set on a half circle. The clays—targets that simulate a bird in flight—are launched from the same place but at different angles, making for challenging targets.
  • Skeet Shooting 
    Eight shooting station set on a half circle. The clays are launched from the same place and direction.

Buck Ridge Plantation’s trap and skeet range is fully lighted so guests can shoot any time during the day or night. Shotguns and shells are available to guests who do not bring their own. The range is available for:

  • Pre-hunt practice
  • Competitive and recreational sport
  • Corporate or social event activity
  • Firearms safety training

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